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What are my options for a Bunion?

Bunions are a common progressive boney deformity involving the big toe and the first metatarsal. Typically the big toe shifts outward and the first metatarsal deviates inward. Flat feet cause bunions or they can be hereditary in nature. Treating bunions involves one of two routes. One can either treat the pain associated with the bunion or actually address the deformity itself. Treating the pain involves topical anti-inflammatory gels and cortisone injections. A custom orthotic will aid in slowing down the progression of the bunion but if you want to treat the actual deformity, surgery is the option. A comprehensive evaluation and plan is done with all surgical consultations.


Do pedicures have any health benefits?

Pedicures are an important part of any foot hygiene regimen. Proper massage can increase circulation and alleviate minor pain. As long as your pedicurist is using high quality products, it can also help maintain healthy skin. It is important to pick a facility that sterilizes their instruments and uses liners in the whirlpool tub in order to minimize the chance of exposure to fungus and bacteria. People diagnosed with diabetes or those who have problems with circulation should not get pedicures but should be receiving foot care from their podiatrist.

What can I do daily to ease foot pain?

Foot pain is a common problem and the severity of the pain will determine your course of treatment. Common foot pain can be a result from daily stressors like walking in high heels on a daily basis or not taking proper care of your skin and soles. These problems can be combated in several ways. First, elevating your feet at the end of the day will reverse blood flow and reduce swelling. At least once a week you should soak and massage your feet to increase circulation. As always, keep your feet moisturized to prevent cracking and other skin related discomfort.


My Feet Sweat, Help!

Sweaty feet can be an embarrassing and persistent problem. It can cause discomfort and possibly ruin your shoes. One easy at-home remedy is to purchase an at-home antiperspirant spray and apply to both feet at the start of the day. For more resistant cases a series of Botox injections along the sole of the foot can reduce the sweating for up to 6 months. If you are seeking the latter remedy, it is imperative that you obtain treatment from your podiatrist.

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