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Actual Before and After pics.

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This is Dr. Bobby at work striving as always to achieve excellence. My foot Doctor, my friend, my hero!  Turned away from surgery by several foot surgeons and left helpless with deformities Dr. Bobby assumed the challenges facing him and performed virtual miracles. I adore him, I appreciate him and I recommend him to the world.

— Francesca D, Los Angeles

I was in a near death motorcycle accident that crushed my left side. My lower leg, ankle and foot were nearly amputated. Through my journey to surgically rebuild my foot and ankle I found it very difficult to get assistance from surgeons as my injuries are extensive and due to great trauma. I have even been turned away and refused to be seen by some doctors. Rodeo Drive Podiatry is a lovely office environment with kind courteous and professional support staff. Most importantly Dr Bobby is compassionate, experienced, confident and knowledgeable. Thank you for helping an injured man with life changing decisions.

— Noel, Los Angeles



Thank you to Dr. Bobby for my custom orthotics and treating the whole patient from the ground up. Without you, I would have not been healthy enough to run the Surf City Marathon. Thank you! #marathon #running
— Drew, Costa Mesa



Dr. Pourziaee has helped me put shoes on again!!  He has a fantastic crew of staff members.  They are very knowledgable and courteous and always available to answer any questions I have had.  I would recommend Dr. Pourziaee and his staff for any foot needs you may have.  

— Virginia Kelly-Vignato



I was in Los Angeles for a business trip when on my way to a meeting, I feel down some stairs and seriously hurt my foot. I thought it would just go away but after seeing the pain wasn't passing, I decided that I should go and see a podiatrist to make sure that nothing was seriously wrong. Dr. Pourziaee was incredible. I was able to get an appointment and into the office immediately and the process was so easy and quick! Dr. Pourziaee was very careful to examine all possibilities and extremely clear about his findings and next steps to take. My foot is happy and healthy thanks to Dr. Pourziaee. I've actually been looking to do some cosmetic work on my feet and after meeting with Dr. Pourziaee, I will fly down to LA just to have him work on my feet. I wouldn't trust anyone else!!!

— R.C., San Francisco, CA


Ok, first of all I work in RETAIL for over 25 years, and even the best shoes in the world cannot protect you from all the wear and tear that occurs to the feet from standing 24/7. I'm surprised my feet have not just fallen off. I had a very bad case of plantar fasciitis which was destroying my life. All of my co-workers urged me to go see Dr. Pourziaee ASAP. I had never been to a podiatrist before. Dr. Pourziaee, (Dr. Pourziaee) gave me injections and some ultra sound, and I am completely fixed. He also made me a pair of Orthotics that have helped alleviate a lot of pain in my feet. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Pourziaee for all of their concern and treatment.

— Poppy R., North Hollywood, CA



I became Dr. Pourziaee's patient nine years ago, after having six knee surgeries which changed the way I walked. My hip and back were out of alignment by over an inch, and I suffered chronic pain. During my first appointment, Dr. Pourziaee spent an hour with me examining the way I walked, studied every aspect of my feet and their overall condition, and extracted a detailed medical history from me. Since then, he has provided with EMS-6500 nerve stimulation equipment, three pairs of carefully- casted shoe inserts to improve balance and body alignment, and provided me with the appropriate medications to totally improve my overall condition and health. I have been exposed to countless doctors in my lifetime, and few can meet the high medical standards demonstrated by Dr. Pourziaee. He treats each of his patients with courtesy, is sensitive to their personal needs, and exudes a caring manner that most doctors of today do not possess. He will exceed your expectations at every turn, and go out of his way to improve your overall state of health. Dr. Pourziaee also cared for my aging mother-in-law, and came to her home to care for her seriously mangled feet. Countless times, he chose to go out of his way to care for her: and always left her in great spirits with her in-grown toe-nails trimmed and calloused feet softened with rich emollients. Dr. Pourziaee has made an incredible difference in the lives of countless senior citizens in our community caring for their feet, and lifting their spirits. On a one to ten rating scale, Dr. Pourziaee would easily score a "ten!" It is such a great pleasure to recommend such an exceptional doctor in the field of Podiatry.

— Ann N., Bishop, CA


"Thank you Dr. Pourziaee" would only scratch the surface of expressing my gratitude towards Dr.Pourziaee and his staff for getting me back on my feet again. As a 38 year old woman, I am very active. I enjoy Skiing with my family and friends, Playing with my children, running, cycling, boxing,  and martial Arts. I Tore a ligament in my ankle and 2 partial tears.. I was so terrified I would not be able to recover quick enough being such a busy and active mom, but Dr. Pourziaee swept me off my feet and took my injury very serious. He aggressively gave me the best treatment and I didn't even need surgery. Thanks to him, I was back on my feet in no time and  I am able to get back to all my fun, normal activity. Not only is he amazing at what he does, his bed side manor is with genuine heart and true concern for his patient. Thank you Dr. Pourziaee for treating and healing my ankle and also for your encouragement that I would get through it.. Well I did! Only because of you!

— Christina G., Thousand Oaks, CA,


I ruptured two ligaments (yes it's as painful as it sounds) and Dr. Pourziaee was wonderful. My diagnosis was dire but he reassured me by letting me know all my options and gave me his professional opinion (surgery vs no surgery, etc) I had a ton of questions and he addressed all of them. He put me on a plan to get better including instructions of what do at home, when to start physical therapy, how to strengthen my ankle, and what boot/cast would work best for me. He was always available by phone when I had a question or when something would flare up or hurt. Without his guidance and expert advice, I don't think I would be recovering as I am now. My ankle thanks you Dr. Pourziaee!

— E. N., San Francisco, CA


I have been a patient of Dr. Pourziaee for the last 4 years. Dr. Pourziaee has been very knowledgeable and helpful when handling my medical issues. As a result of his care I now have a clean bill of health. I recommend Dr. Pourziaee for your podiatry needs.

— Stephen N., Los Angeles, CA


I paid Dr. Pourziaee a visit after I hurt my foot playing basketball. He quickly offered a diagnosis that I had probably broken something, and sent me for x-rays, which confrimed his diagnosis: I had broken two small bones in the interior of my foot. Dr. Pourziaee set me in a cast, and my recovery time, typically three-to-six months for this type of injury, wound up being only about 8 weeks! Throughout that time, he was attentive, and engaged me in thorough follow-ups weekly. Oh, and his 'bedside manner' is the very best I've ever recieved from a Doctor. I was impressed that he was just as concerned about my comfort during my recovery, as he was about ensuring that recovery happened as quickly and effectively as possible. Thanks Dr. Pourziaee!

— Benjamin F., Los Angeles, CA


I went to see the doctor after getting a recommendation from a friend. I had been suffering from really bad heel and arch pain. I went to the chiropractor and my family doctor first and neither one of them were able to help.  The whole experience at Dr. Pourziaee's office was so pleasant.  My appointment was made within one day of calling. When I arrived at the office the receptionist already had my insurance verified.  The doctor took his time and answered all of my questions. He treated me with orthotics and a shot of cortisone. It completely relieved my pain and now I'm training for the LA Tri. Thank you!

— John R., Los Angeles, CA


I saw Dr. Pourziaee for an old ankle injury. I was having a lot of pain and was worried about training for the marathon. After I saw the doctor he made me a set of orthotics that completely relieved the pain. I was able to train and complete the LA marathon! Thank you Dr. Pourziaee!!!

— Yamil R., Inglewood, CA


I'm a really active person and started experience pain on the balls of my feet.  I thought it was just going to be pain I'd have to struggle through.  Off the suggestion of a friend, I made an appointment at this place.  Honestly, I wasn't expecting miracles, but the doc had a lot of good tips and treatments to help me manage my foot pain.  He also noticed right away that I had an awkward gate - i.e. favor walking on the outside edges of my feet.  He fitted me with orthotics and did some foot adjustment/massage therapy as well.  Honestly, I was surprised, directly after the appointment, I felt better.  Even better, the orthotics totally cured my foot pain and even some lower back pain I was having.  The doc said it was all related.  He really knows his stuff.  Anyway, for my two cents, I give it a thumbs up.

— Emma G., Beverly Hills, CA


Rodeo Drive Podiatry Is The Right Choice For You! I have been a client/patient of Doctor Bobby Pourziaee for several years from when he had his previous office out in West Los Angeles and as of August of 2012, he recently moved to his permanent office location out in beautiful Beverly Hills, California! His office is beautiful.  I absolutely enjoy coming here very, very much! I especially enjoyed viewing his front office because the Top of his Front Office Desk Sparkles and Glows which is very inspiring to the eyes!  You have to come and see it for yourself.  I was quite amazed! Furthermore, his staff are very courteous and very polite. Today being Sunday, November 18, 2012, I was actually able to even get an appointment to come on this day and Wynter was the person who greeted me and offered me water and was very kind and understanding towards my needs. After meeting her, I was introduced to Sharon who was my Massage  and Physical Therapist who is Excellent and comes equipped with Fantastic, Strong Hands that Relieved and Removed ALL of my stress and Tension out of my Back and Neck.  I was very much impressed with her work! Then after my one hour massage session was finished, I was then introduced to Tam who was my Medical Pedicurist who also happens to be a Registered Nurse!  She was very good also and took really good care of my feet and especially my toenails and cuticles that needed cutting very badly.  Lol. With Tam, she also checked my blood pressure and pulse and this was good because How many Pedicurists come with this kind of extra knowledge?  Serious. Overall, I would Highly and More than Recommend Rodeo Drive Podiatry and the staff to anyone looking for a good Massage/ Physical Therapy, a good Pedicure, or who need an Expert Podiatrist/Surgeon in which Doctor Bobby Pourziaee is and this man, of course is Incredible as well because he was the doctor who performed my Achilles Tendon Lengthening Surgery on both of my feet several years ago and without him, I would Not be walking as well as I am today! So, at the end of the day, I just want to Thank everybody at Rodeo Drive Podiatry for their Excellent Services and for just being there for me and hope that more patients will come to your office in the very near future to enjoy your services just like I did this morning. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Thanks!

— Howard S., Culver City, CA


I have been dealing with plantar fascittis for 9 months. I have been trying everything that my doctor suggested with little results.  While visiting family they suggested I go to Rodeo Drive Podiatry. I am so glad that I went.  I now feel I have a completely new lease on life.  I am back walking and exercising with no pain at all and feel like the old me. My only regret is that I didn't go sooner.  The staff there are so amazingly helpful and friendly and I will be back for the awesome care and great pedicures...

— Vivian E., Ontario Canada


"I was in pain for several weeks after rolling my ankle during a basketball game (my team still won). And the folks at RDP did their thing and I'm not in pain anymore. However, no more basketball for me, unless it's a video game.

— Adam Acheson, Marina Del Rey, California


I'm a girly girl who had attrocious feet, but thanks to Dr. Pourziaee they look and feel so much better. I grew up dancing and the shape of my feet illustrate that. From running I had damaged my toenails, and I often wear short, my feet were in bad shape. Dr. Pourziaee has helped make-over my feet in so many ways. He custom fit me for orthodics for my running shoes- I no longer have pain when running. He also made orthodics that I can wear with my heels (didn't even know that was an option)!! I had a damaged toenails from running and he prescribed a great nail treatment. The office is clean and modern, they have great magazines, bright decor, clean.... such a difference from the other podiatry offices that looked like a set from 1977. Dr. Pourziaee was so very kind, took his time and listened to my needs. I really appreciated his professionalism and help! Definitely recommend! And whenever that "friend" of mine needs surgery for her bunions, "she" will go to Dr. Pourziaee too!

— Andrea C


Dr. Pourziaee is a brilliant, caring physician. Rodeo drive podiatry has a great staff and beautiful location. Love my high heel orthotics.

— Mel R


I had been suffering from debilitating foot pain for over 2 years. I went to go see Dr. Pourziaee at Rodeo Drive Podiatry and he informed me that I needed to have a Bunionectomy. The bunion was causing so much pain it would keep me up at night and I could't wear any shoes. I lived in my Ugg boots. Because it's never the right time to have foot surgery I waited a long while until the time was right. When I was finally was ready to have the surgery done the Doctor and staff at Rode Drive Podiatry were so thoughtful, helpful and accommodating before, during and now still after my surgery,   Although the healing time is a long process, I know that because of Dr. Pourziaee I will be better then ever and ready to put my dancing shoes back on in no time. A big thank you to Dr. Pourziaee and staff for helping me through what I thought was a helpless situation!

— River H


I would like to thank Dr. Bobby Pourziaee and his staff.  I suffered with pain in my right foot for 4 months.  I went to see my VA Doctor and they sent me for x-rays & blood test.  They called me and told me that they see nothing wrong and the blood test came back normal.  I called around to a few podiatrist and was told there was a long wait time.  I couldn’t wait. I called Dr. Bobby’s office and they scheduled me to take x-rays.  They called me after the Doctor was able to view the x-rays and scheduled me for an appointment to start therapy.  I started therapy twice a week on top of wearing a splint.  A few months ago I got a cortisone shot and have had no pain since.  I continue to go to the office for therapy and wear my splint.  I am not much of a letter writer but I wanted to thank Dr. Bobby and his staff for handling my matter quickly.  

— Bruce Cook – Pahrump, Nevada


I am back in a shoe already and love Dr Bobby.  It has only been 7 weeks since my joint replacement in my big toe and hammer toe correction.  He is awesome!

— Deborah C

I'm a girly girl who had attrocious feet, but thanks to Dr. Pourziaee they look and feel so much better. I grew up dancing and the shape of my feet illustrate that. From running I had damaged my toenails, and I often wear short, my feet were in bad shape. Dr. Pourziaee has helped make-over my feet in so many ways. He custom fit me for orthodics for my running shoes- I no longer have pain when running. He also made orthodics that I can wear with my heels (didn't even know that was an option)!

— Andrea C

I was so scared to see a Podiatrist and Dr. Bobby made me feel so comfortable and solved my sore foot. The staff and location are the best and I would suggest anyone to go here, best service and amazing doctor.

— Mandi L

Dr. Bobby Pourziaee a brilliant Doctor and surgeon - with a great bed side manner. Hard to find both together. Two surgeries later of broken and torn tendons, limping and pain, he's gotten me through it all! Dr. Pourziaee has new innovative techniques to control pain, That I greatly appreaciate.
The staff are more like a caring friends, and I don't know where I'd be without all of them.

— Poppy M



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